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GET'EM OUT - GENESIS Tribute band

The 70s was a time of great musical creativity, giving rise to the Progressive Rock movement that produced groups destined to make rock music history. At the very top of the list we find Genesis, who redefined rock concerts through intense and refined music with lyrics telling incredible and often surreal stories, all topped off by Peter Gabriel's stage presence and theatrical behaviour. The beauty and quality of their music is timeless and it is still highly appreciated today, after all these years. Although a British band, Genesis was above all popular in Italy, as can be seen from the number of concerts they played there.

In 2005, Get'em out, a band made up of five musicians with a passion for Genesis, launched an ambitious project to recreate the magical atmosphere of their music when Peter Gabriel was front man and lead singer.

The meticulous quest for the same sounds and dynamics of the original studio recordings, the use of vintage instruments and effects, scrupulous re-creation of the original music and vocal scores, without forgetting Genesis's theatrical stage presence, have made Get'em out one of the most respected bands on the Italian music scene.

During their shows, Get'em out capture their audiences and take them on an incredible journey through the golden age of Prog Rock, performing Genesis's classic songs of the period, such as 'The Musical Box', 'Supper's Ready', 'Firth of Fifth', 'The Cinema Show' and 'The Knife'.